Room of the Altarpieces

Ever since the Pinacoteca opened its doors in 1879, this room has featured large sixteenth- and seventeenth-century altarpieces from the city’s main churches, some which had been destroyed.
Over the years, the collection was augmented by extraordinary examples of Emilian and Romagnolo Counterreformation and Baroque art. The room can be viewed as a map of early paintings, choices, and artistic currents in the city and region. The most noteworthy paintings include the Baptism of Christ by Luca Scaletti, from the church of San Giovanni Battista; the Birth of the Virgin by Giovanni Battista Bertucci the Younger from the church of Santa Cecilia; and the Madonna and Child with Saints by Alessandro Tiarini, from the church of Santa Chiara.
The Madonna and Child with Saints by Antonio Liberi, called Antonio di Mazzone, was originally in the church of San Domenico, while Ercole Procaccini’s Coronation of the Virgin, an early example of Counterreformation painting, comes from the church of San Giovanni Battista dei Celestini in Bologna. The most important local artists include Ferraù Fenzoni, with four paintings done in his mature years after having worked in Rome and Todi, and Biagio Manzoni, whose Martyrdom of Saint Eutropius reveals his devotion to Caravaggio’s style.

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