Tommaso Bragadin (?), Madonna with Child

Tommaso Bragadin (?),
Madonna with child

Tommaso Bragadin (?), Madonna col Bambino
last decade of the XV century, wood, 50.5×40 cm + frame 12 cm.; Inv. n. 181

This work was acquired in 1884 and comes from the collection of Leonida Caldesi, the famous photographer from Faenza, who was exiled to London, a commander under Garibaldi and celebrated by Carducci as the “Leone di Romagna” – or the “Lion of Romagna”.

It is a painting in which the «underlying Mantegnesque background seems to soften towards a fondness for the lagoon styles between Antonello and Giovanni Bellini», as Ennio Golfieri wrote in 1964, later attributing the work to Tommaso Bragadin, a painter whose works are unknown but is nonetheless documented.

Recently, Sergio Momesso, for the exhibition dedicated to Andrea Riccio and a passion for Renaissance antiques held in Trento in 2008, dated this work at about 1490, attributing it to Angelo di Silvestro, also known as “lo Zoppo”, in spite of lingering doubts.

Mauro Lucco and Andrea De Marchi identified a group of works, including the Madonna of the Pinacoteca, attributing them to Angelo Zoppo, who is identified, thanks to Raimondo Callegari’s research, as Angelo di Silvestro, one of the last pupils welcomed by Francesco Squarcione in his workshop in Padua.

The frame has friezes painted in gold. It dates to the sixteenth century.

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