Sperandio Savelli, Medallion of Galeotto Manfredi

Sperandio Savelli,
Medallion of Galeotto Manfredi

On the front of the bronze medallion created in 1477 is the profile of Galeotto with the words “Galeotus Manfredus invictus martis alumpnus”, while on the back is the company of the blooming palm with the signature of the artist “Opus Sperandei”.

From Mantua, in May 1477 Sperandio Savelli went from working as a goldsmith, sculptor, and painter at the court of Ferrara at the service of the seigniory of the Manfredi, engaged to work for five years in bronze, marble, lead, painting, and goldsmithing. His contract was cut short, however, in November of the same year, due to the struggle between the two brothers Galeotto and Carlo II, which ended with the strengthening of Galeotto’s power.

For the new lord of Faenza, Sperandio created the medallion that celebrates Galeotto for his military prowess (“Alunno di Marte” – or “Pupil of Mars” – is written on the front of the medallion), while the medallion for Carlo II remains unfinished.

For Anna Tambini the medallion of this Mantuan artist, who was the most prolific medallist of the XV century, especially talented in portraits, is «among his best works for the clarity of the design and for the realistic effectiveness of the portrait, which is a very true likeness of this lord of Faenza».

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