Resani Arcangelo ,
Dog and basket

Resani Arcangelo,
Dog and basket

Resani Arcangelo, Dog and basket
Oil on canvas, 59X73.5 cm + frame 9 cm, Inv. n. 239

Recognised by Giacomo Bargellesi in the monograph published in 1961 as one of the masterpieces of Arcangelo the painter.

Since then the critical acclaim for this painting has been notable, as are its numerous presences in Still Life shows, beginning with the now mythical exhibition in Naples in 1964.

The quintessence of the composition is one with the light, which marks and reveals the basket and the figure of the dog that could almost be called “human”, studied with an expertise of the chromatic material worthy of a great artist.

When Antonio Paolucci visited the Pinacoteca in 2012 he said of this work: «The painting depicts a small black and white dog while sleeping. A hunting dog. Behind him is a basket, a humble rush basket. Typical of farmers. And then there are two, small, dead birds. One could say: why paint a such a modest, such a humble subject? But this is precisely the beauty of this painting: a silent life, having succeeded in representing a humble moment of common life and delivered it in a painting. This is the beauty of painting».

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