Domenico Baccarini,
Bacio materno

Domenico Baccarini,
Motherly kiss

Domenico Baccarini, Motherly kiss
Plaster, 1905, 89x64x64 cm, Inv. n. 892

This large sculpture in the round is one of the most important of Baccarini’s works.

Dated 1905, this piece is characterised by its intense realism, similar to that of Giovanni Prini, but also for the tenderness of the emotions it succeeds in conveying.

The female figure is traditionally inspired by Bitta, Elisabetta Santolini, the life partner of Domenico Baccarini from 1903 until the end of 1905. On 4 August 1904, their daughter Maria Teresa was born, and subsequently portrayed in this motherly kiss. On the female figure portrayed, Ennio Golfieri had already written in 1982 that “strangely, Bitta’s expression resembles that of Baccarini’s mother” and, in fact, a comparison with Baccarini’s other works leads one to think that the person portrayed, more than Bitta is actually the artist’s mother, Maddalena Bassi.

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